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What are the Devil Fruits and where do they come from?

devil fruit

First the obvious:
The 3 Ancient Weapons (AW) are named after 3 gods, while the Devil Fruits of course are named after a devil.

800 years ago, the 20kingdoms (aka. The World Government) fought against the Ancient Kingdom (AK). I think it’s safe to assume that the Devil Fruits were not created by the WG, because if that were the case, then they would still know how to do it, and could now just create more DFs and simply rule the world. Same argument for the 3 AWs: If the weapons were created by the WG, then they would know where/what/who they are and just take them back or “build” them again (Pluton e.g. can be build multiple times). But they didn’t know of Shirahoshi, and they didn’t know where Pluton is, that’s why they tried to get the Blueprints from Franky instead.

Based on that, I assume that both, the Ancient Weapons and the Devil Fruits, were created by the Ancient Kingdom.

Where do the Devil Fruits come from?

800 years ago, the Ancient Kingdom was the most advanced country in the world, their great knowledge & technologies were considered a threat by the 20 kingdoms. That’s why they started a war against the AK. They summoned a Devil/Demon, a natural disaster brought upon earth by the 20 kingdoms, to attack and crush the ancient kingdom!

The AK however was able to defend itself: It created the 3 Ancient Weapons (Gods) to fight against the Devil. But the Devil & the WG were too powerful, and the AK knew it will eventually lose the war. So before it was too late, it hid the 3 weapons, created the poneglyphs, so that the story survives time, and as its last deed, the AK able to defeated the Devil by dividing its powers into small parts and sealing those small parts into fruits -> The Devil Fruits!

With his last powers available, the Devil cursed those fruits, to make them risky for all terrestrials to use (inability to swim). But nevertheless, the AK was already too weakened to win the war, and the WG emerged victorious.

Until today, the WG has tried to delete all the history of what happened during the war (in the Void Century). Why do they work so hard to keep it a secret? Because they were the "evil" ones who did something terrible, summoning a natural disaster like a Devil and starting a war to take over the world!

Why sealing the powers into fruits?

The Ancient Kingdom needed some kind of medium to seal those powers in, and normal things weren't possible, because the little parts of the Devil need to have some sort of "living" cage. They didn't dare to seal the parts into humans, so they used fruits from a special tree. We already know 2 special trees in One Piece: Adam & Eve. If I remember the religious story correctly, Adam took an apple from the "Tree of the knowledge of good and evil". Transferred to One Piece: Apple = Devil Fruits

Will of D. & Marshall D. Teach

As “creators” of the Devil Fruits, the descendents of the Ancient Kingdom are considered as guardians of the Devil Fruits. The Will of D. is about protecting the powers of the Devil and keeping the world stable. If someone would reunite all fruits and resummon the Devil, the world would end.

Marshall D. Teach, aka Blackbeard, the only D. character who is afraid of death, is on his way to do exactly that by collecting more and more Devil Fruits, and only those with the Will of D. (probably Luffy^^) can stop him.

What about Dr. Vegapunk?

In SVS Vol. 48, Oda said: “For more details (about the Dfs), you'll just have to wait for a certain professor to make his appearance in the story, and explain exactly what the Devil Fruits REALLY are... Eventually."

The genius Dr. Vegapunk found out about the Devil Fruits origin and how to identify the DFs and how to detect their powers. Using this knowledge, he was able to combine things with DFs, and he also tried to create his own DF (which was a failure) and he created the book about Devil Fruits.


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