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Sabo is Guaranteed To Be Alive with All New Evidence

I found this amazing theory about Sabo being alive (for all those that believe Sabo is dead!):

All credits go to Skizzit from forum (I added some of my things in it too like proof and other proofs and my own proofs and ideas):

"I just read this on another board and wanted to see what you guys here thought about it.

I am sure we have all seen this picture:

It was drawn awhile back by Oda showing what Sabo would have looked like had he lived and grew up with Ace and Luffy.

A large part of One Piece fans (myself included) believes that Sabo is indeed still alive having been rescued by Dragon. What we do not know is what happened to Sabo after that nor where he is now.

A number of chapters ago, there was a scene where Baby 5 busted in on Doflamingo and tried to kill him. She failed as she was shot by one of Doflamingo's crew mates. Now this is where the crazy theory part starts. If we look at this crew mate, he has a rather unique appearance:

Now doesn't that guy look an awful lot like the picture of adult Sabo? Looks like be about the same size and built and he is wearing Sabo's signature top hat and goggles. He also seems to be covered head to toe with no exposed skin, much like someone who was severely burned might be in order to cover their scars. Look carefully and you may notice that he is wearing the goggles on his eye and hat matches. This could be Sabo!

For those who believe the hat could not have survived, look at this:

Why would Sabo be a part of Doflamingo's crew? We know that Doflamingo is a major player in the criminal underworld under the name of Joker. It is very likely that Dragon would want to keep an eye on Joker's actions and a good way to do that would be to put a plant on the inside. Who better to serve as that plant then someone who is supposed to be dead and is unrecognizable due to heavy burn scars? Now, think about it, is it not a coincidence Sabo met Dragon (not knowing he is Luffy's father!) Oda made sabo meet dragon on purpose to give more meaning to the revolutionaries and a larger bond between a father that just left Luffy as a kid (Dragon) and Luffy. Sabo is connection between them and is neccessary!

Like I said, crazy theory, but what do you all think?"

I personally thought and agreed to do this:


"There are two reasons why I believe Sabo is still alive. The biggest being that if he did indeed die, his character really serves no purpose. There is no reason really to introduce him into the story at that time. Ace has just been killed so Luffy already lost his brother. The emotional impact of that was already felt. To introduce another brother and then kill him off all within a flashback is pointless. It did not add to Luffy's growth in any way.

The second reason is the fact that there is that scene where Dragon comes back to his ship on the evening where Sabo was shot and Dragon has a quick conversation with Ivankov and he mentioned something Dragon is holding and calls for the doctor. I do not know what else that scene could possibly be about if it is not about Dragon saving Sabo.

Of course none of this is proof of anything, but it certainly feels like foreshadowing that Sabo still has a role to play in the series to me."

The truth about the databook that says Sabo is dead is "Databooks aren't very trustworthy and I've heard that that particular statement is supposed to be from Luffy's point of view. So Luffy believes Sabo to be dead.
" This shows that Sabo is dead in the eyes of the writer of the book (Not Oda). The databooks are in Luffy's perspective. This is like in naruto when they say Obito is dead in databook. He is dead in the current period of time in the eyes of a spectator. Just like Obito surviving and having metallic crutches in one chapter with the zetsu. In the above picture, you can see the hat, but with metallic parts like Obito so this can be Sabo recovering.

There is a user called Krasse in another forum about the Oro Jackson in which he states:

"The Green Data Book Was Not Written By Oda
Many people have said that "Oda" has clarified that Sabo died in the green data book, I actually HAVE the green data book.. It's commonly mistaken regarding WHAT such books have.. It is put together based on knowledge FROM the show, and not through a statement from Oda himself.

In volume 68, someone asked Oda a particular question regarding whether Sabo is dead or alive.
And Oda, rather than confirming the scene in the anime/manga when he was shot "Dead", he said, "I'll leave it to the fans to decide whether he is dead or alive."

He could have simply said what the green data book clarified, instead, he danced and took a vague route around the question, if he took the straight route with what was said in the green data book, then it would've been one story, but him dancing around the question automatically hints that he could be DEAD, or he could be ALIVE. it's not 100%, or else he would've just said what was written in the green data book. But, such "DATA" books are DATA, strictly based on the occurrences in the manga, and not to answer theories and speculations.

After talking about strictly facts and Oda quotes and clarifications regarding what people think of Data Books. I will talk about a scene that everyone has watched, and everyone has theorized upon..

Dragon Saves Someone Mysterious
The infamous scene where Dragon is holding someone as he came back to the ship, Iva looked at him angrily because he was late, and then noticed Dragon holding a certain someone, afterwards, you hear the people in the ship rushing, saying "Hey somebody treat these wounds quickly, this is terrible". And when asked by Iva regarding why he was late, he simply answered with a "Sorry" and in the anime also stated "I was watching the ceremony for the World Nobles.

You guys also may find this highly interesting:

In Ace's grave, the three cups of brotherhood (the one Sabo, Luffy, and Ace got drunk out of and built a bond) are shown and left on Ace's grave. Luffy certainly want not there to put it there. There is only 2 possibilities: Garp or Sabo. Garp did not know much about it or its importance. I can see Garp going to see Ace's grave, but Garp was totally against them getting drunk so he would not put this there. Only Sabo who valued these memories but could not make it to the war would want to put these there. Another question is when were these cups even received by Sabo? One possibility is Dadan may have gave the cups of brotherhood to Sabo, but Luffy never came back to hear the news. There is this possibility and Sabo told Dadan not to tell Garp. The other possibility is when Luffy and Ace were injured, and Sabo wrote them a letter he was setting sail, Sabo probably went back to their hang-out and took the cups and left as a souvenir for memories. Ace and Luffy never paid attention to the missing cups as they were mourning Sabo's "death".

Take a look at these pictures:

Sabo, Ace, and Luffy's Cups of Brotherhood as Kids:

 After time-skip Chapter 667 Cover with the cups of brotherhood now on the grave area:

I find this very interesting as to how Luffy will feel when he sees this and be realizing Sabo must still be alive and have a reason for doing all this like to send Luffy a message!


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