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The Will Of D? Dreams? Hello

The Will Of D? Dreams? Hello,
I'm new member to this forum and I have been reading it the past 1-2 weeks and I have only seen the Anime of One Piece!
After reading some Theories I realized something and came up with one of my own! Maybe not a big one but what The Will Of D actually means The Will Of Dreams.

The Will Of Dreams mean that they have the will to fight for their dreams and their dreams will come true before they even thinking about dying! Please, correct me if I'm wrong with something, It was a while I saw the anime!

Gol D. Roger:
After some reading here I heard his "dream" was to live forever. With The Will Of D in his name this dream will come true. He then created the treasure One Piece to create a new Pirate era, a big historic moment that will make the people to remember him forever. He then dies with a smile on his face because his dream came true!

Portgas D. Ace:
I remember Ace last words was he never wanted the fame or becoming the Pirate King, only the answer to the question "Was it good that I was born?" He got the answer when he saw everyone fighting for him! What everyone did just to save him and his life, he saw his own value in life! His dream came true, he got the answer and he dies with a smile on his face!

Monkey D. Luffy:
Monkey D Luffy wants to become the Pirate King and just join the ride of that adventure. He have Will Of The D in him and because of that secret power his dream will come true!

Marshall D. Teach:
He wanted to become the most powerful person in that world, and with that help he hopes he will get One Piece easier. With his Devil Fruit he was even prepared to kill to get. He lacks the true will because he is prepared to kill to get what he wants but I believe that he will become the most powerful person in one point, but I think Luffy will surpass him because he will become stronger then him AFTER Teach reaches his goal only because Luffy have still not reached his goal and Teach will interfere... That's how I believe how Marshall D. Teach will die aswell.

I don't have the real view of everyone else dreams! Garp maybe wanted to be a hero? Rogue wanted a family / child, Dragon wants to show the truth to everyone and he knows there is something wrong with the goverment.

My point is that they have The Will Of D! They will reach their goals no matter what and with luck in their world they can't die before they reach that goal.

That's why I believe that Marshall D. Teach will die even if he have become the most powerful person in the world because after he reach that goal then Luffy with also the The Will Of D have still not reached his dreams and with either becoming even more powerful or luck he will kill Marshall because of this hidden D power.

Just a Theory I have and I think it would really fit in to theme of the whole concept of One Piece.

Hopeful you thought this was interesting reading and view of everything and please come with suggestion or if you disagree, then tell me why!


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