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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Happy 16 Years One Piece

Some comment from source :
Amazing, I havent seen any information like this.
Good job! 
Saw it on a page. Graphic makers and deviantart artists are actually coming together to celebrate it too by making gifs and designs. Sweetest 16 it is.

And I said, this is One Piece is super amazing manga Ever... 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Perfect Match of New Era from the Old Era.

Perfect Match of New Era from the Old Era.

What do you say ?

Monday, July 29, 2013

Best One Piece Quotes

One Piece Quotes
this is the best one

Best One Piece Quotes

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Symbolism of the Seagull in One Piece Theory

I am sure everyone has seen the very first episode of One Piece in which the very first thing you see is the seagull!

It appears in the first few seconds of ending 14:

This is not a strange coincidence! In fact, the second episode also starts with the seagulls quaking and flying then Luffy. I believe the seagulls represent something more.

The seagull is one of the only seabirds in the world! One more mysterious thing is it seems as though many One Piece characters resemble animals like Hatchan as an octopus fishman, there are also mermaids, and fishmen. One Piece is about the oceans, yet nearly every species of marine and water animals are either based on or turned into characters like Arlong the fish, or Laboon the whale. I noticed that nearly all sea creatures are either characters, but they are never zoan fruit animals! There are many characters that have zoan fuits that grant themselves to turn into animals that can create flight, like birds like Pell who can turn into a Falcon! Some zoan fruits can grant flight, but never swimming! I find it interesting that a character has never been met that has either been a zoan fruit to be a seagull or a character that is a seagull! One Piece is a show that represents freedom! There are many pirates after the One Piece for different reasons, like they say in the start of every episode "Fame and Power". Then there are pirates like Buggy and a little Nami where they want riches. Then there is Luffy and Shanks who want freedom!

I believe Roger became a pirate for freedom too. If you think about what sparked Luffy to become a pirate, it was obviously Shanks! But it was mostly Lucky Roo's words:

Shanks would then tell his crew not to make Luffy want to be a pirate as he is young at is dangerous! Luffy's reaction to listening to the feeling of freedom gave him this expression:

Luffy became a pirate for freedom as he said it himself that the Pirate King in his eyes is the man with most freedom in the world!

Throughout One Piece, freedom can be seen:
Luffy's Childhood

Seagulls are important as they are not just sea creatures but air creatures too. This makes them unique as they have more freedom than any other animal in the world. In the One Piece world and ours, there is more ocean than land, this means land creatures do not have much room to go due to the oceans, but sea creatures only have the ocean. Then there is the seagull that can land on land, fly in the sky anywhere, and fly across the beautiful sea! The seagull has the most freedom for an animal in the sea!!

Marine Logo:

I am sure we have all seen the famous marine logo by now, but what does it consist of? The seagull!
It is ironic that the marines that confiscate true freedom has a symbol of freedom on their logo, but this is because the marines truly believe the marines truly give true freedom to the citizens by protecting the seas. An interesting thing is the seagull is holding a wrench. A wrench is used to tighten or lock things like nuts and bolts. This means the marines like to have and hold freedom very tightly persistently stopping anyone who tries to stop the marine's grasp of power! The marines also work hard and fight (the wrench symbolism) for the protection of freedom, but truly they are blocking the true freedom by making the free seagull be forced to hold a wrench!

Sengoku's Hat:

I found his hat kind of funny for such a high ranking and poweful man! But I realized that this hat represents his true view that the marines provide true freedom to the world! He wears this proudly, standing firm in his beliefs and taking out anyone that comes in his vision of true freedom. He believes true freedom is safe freedom, which Luffy and Shanks oppose!

Van Augur shoots seagulls from Jaya:

The seagulls are flying representing freedom in Jaya:

Initially like any One Piece fan, I thought showing Van Augur shooting bird simply means they are showing his sniping ability and how strong he really is. This happens fairly early in the series meaning he is a formidable opponent not to be messed with as his sniping abilities are extraordinary to shoot with such precision and distance! What is important to notice is he never shot no ordinary bird, he shot a seagull!! This represents the murder of freedom and foreshadows Blackbeard to be a far stronger opponent and his crew to be a crew that should not be reckoned with and they are a crew that will be one of the strongest in the series for sure! This also shows that Blackbeard and his crew is willing to do anything to get they want and that includes destroying other's wishes, dreams, and freedom to get what they want. By attacking an innocent seagull, it shows the evil and their willingness to go against freedom to achieve their dreams like killing Ace, betraying Whitebeard then killing him even if he saw Blackbeard as family!

Seagull The Character:

I am sure we may have seen Seagull in at least one point in the series in Edd War! He is described as having a round face and seems to be giant-like in size proportion to his crewmates. His current whereabouts are unknown though. I find this surprising that the only character named seagull is a part of the legendary Roger Pirates. The Roger Pirates's Captain is Gol D Roger, the Pirate King who gave his strawhat to Shanks who gave it to Luffy. I find it important that Seagull was in this crew. This means Gol D Roger may have became a pirate for the same reason as Shanks and Luffy (strawhat users) for freedom. Shanks did say Luffy said something similar to Roger which sparked Shanks to give his hat to Luffy! Luffy from what we heard was referring to freedom, which Roger might also have said. This means Roger having a crew member named Seagull shows that he was a freedom fighter, and this Seagull character helped Roger fight for this freedom!

Oda's Name Ideas:

This is an excerpt from this other website:

This is an interview with One Piece author Eiichiro Oda that was published in the One Piece: Blue Grand Data File volume. Unlike many interviews where author Oda is in the presence of co-workers or individuals he does/must respect, this was a one-on-one interview and where his mischievous and relaxed nature that readers have come to love through his SBS segments is in full force. The above mentioned book went on sale in Japan on August 7th, 2002. The information is accurate as of publishing, but no date was provided for the interview. To my knowledge this is the first time the interview has appeared in English anywhere so I would appreciate your cooperation in not spreading a copied and pasted version for posting on other websites. I do, however, strongly encourage anyone to use this as a resource or as a starting point to create their own translation. I have attempted to "translocalize" this as much as possible. That said, in instances where I have altered the original text I have clearly made note of any such changes below Oda's answer. I should also point out that I have made every attempt to explain or provide additional information on people, places or things that Oda mentions that may seem foreign to those unfamiliar with Japanese culture. Please direct any other questions you might have to me and I would be happy to discuss them with you. Thank you and please enjoy.

That is from an interview with One Piece author Eiichiro Oda that was published in the One Piece: Blue Grand Data File volume.

I found one of the questions highly interesting!

"Q.25 (Tashigi, Kuina, Nojiko and so on are characters with bird names but) What kind of bird do you like best?

The fact that Oda names many of the female characters in One Piece after birds shows his opinion on woman being free, but his favourite bird is the seagull! This could explain its significance and why it appears numerous times throughout the series and chapters! It also has a major significance to the story and foreshadows events to come like the Blackbeard Pirates ruthlessness and their importance later on.

How One Piece Should End?

I think it is only fitting to start this amazing series the same way they end it, by looking up into the sky and showing a seagull flying through the sky after everything has been resolved!! That would be perfect representing the continuation of freedom for generations ahead and nothing can destroy this freedom! Smile

That is it for now. Hope you enjoyed reading it! Please feel free to give me reputation! I spent lots of time and hard work making this theory!! Feel free to leave your comments, compliments, and questions as a post below!

Hope you like my theory, thanks for reading. Comment and explain your perspective if you want. Smile

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Choose your hero!

Which one is your hero on One Piece.

I think Luffy it's mine

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Will Of D? Dreams? Hello

The Will Of D? Dreams? Hello,
I'm new member to this forum and I have been reading it the past 1-2 weeks and I have only seen the Anime of One Piece!
After reading some Theories I realized something and came up with one of my own! Maybe not a big one but what The Will Of D actually means The Will Of Dreams.

The Will Of Dreams mean that they have the will to fight for their dreams and their dreams will come true before they even thinking about dying! Please, correct me if I'm wrong with something, It was a while I saw the anime!

Gol D. Roger:
After some reading here I heard his "dream" was to live forever. With The Will Of D in his name this dream will come true. He then created the treasure One Piece to create a new Pirate era, a big historic moment that will make the people to remember him forever. He then dies with a smile on his face because his dream came true!

Portgas D. Ace:
I remember Ace last words was he never wanted the fame or becoming the Pirate King, only the answer to the question "Was it good that I was born?" He got the answer when he saw everyone fighting for him! What everyone did just to save him and his life, he saw his own value in life! His dream came true, he got the answer and he dies with a smile on his face!

Monkey D. Luffy:
Monkey D Luffy wants to become the Pirate King and just join the ride of that adventure. He have Will Of The D in him and because of that secret power his dream will come true!

Marshall D. Teach:
He wanted to become the most powerful person in that world, and with that help he hopes he will get One Piece easier. With his Devil Fruit he was even prepared to kill to get. He lacks the true will because he is prepared to kill to get what he wants but I believe that he will become the most powerful person in one point, but I think Luffy will surpass him because he will become stronger then him AFTER Teach reaches his goal only because Luffy have still not reached his goal and Teach will interfere... That's how I believe how Marshall D. Teach will die aswell.

I don't have the real view of everyone else dreams! Garp maybe wanted to be a hero? Rogue wanted a family / child, Dragon wants to show the truth to everyone and he knows there is something wrong with the goverment.

My point is that they have The Will Of D! They will reach their goals no matter what and with luck in their world they can't die before they reach that goal.

That's why I believe that Marshall D. Teach will die even if he have become the most powerful person in the world because after he reach that goal then Luffy with also the The Will Of D have still not reached his dreams and with either becoming even more powerful or luck he will kill Marshall because of this hidden D power.

Just a Theory I have and I think it would really fit in to theme of the whole concept of One Piece.

Hopeful you thought this was interesting reading and view of everything and please come with suggestion or if you disagree, then tell me why!


source :

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

7th Shichibukai

Just Who the hell  7th Shichibukai  right now?

any clue?

7th shichibukai

Monday, July 22, 2013

Sabo is Guaranteed To Be Alive with All New Evidence

I found this amazing theory about Sabo being alive (for all those that believe Sabo is dead!):

All credits go to Skizzit from forum (I added some of my things in it too like proof and other proofs and my own proofs and ideas):

"I just read this on another board and wanted to see what you guys here thought about it.

I am sure we have all seen this picture:

It was drawn awhile back by Oda showing what Sabo would have looked like had he lived and grew up with Ace and Luffy.

A large part of One Piece fans (myself included) believes that Sabo is indeed still alive having been rescued by Dragon. What we do not know is what happened to Sabo after that nor where he is now.

A number of chapters ago, there was a scene where Baby 5 busted in on Doflamingo and tried to kill him. She failed as she was shot by one of Doflamingo's crew mates. Now this is where the crazy theory part starts. If we look at this crew mate, he has a rather unique appearance:

Now doesn't that guy look an awful lot like the picture of adult Sabo? Looks like be about the same size and built and he is wearing Sabo's signature top hat and goggles. He also seems to be covered head to toe with no exposed skin, much like someone who was severely burned might be in order to cover their scars. Look carefully and you may notice that he is wearing the goggles on his eye and hat matches. This could be Sabo!

For those who believe the hat could not have survived, look at this:

Why would Sabo be a part of Doflamingo's crew? We know that Doflamingo is a major player in the criminal underworld under the name of Joker. It is very likely that Dragon would want to keep an eye on Joker's actions and a good way to do that would be to put a plant on the inside. Who better to serve as that plant then someone who is supposed to be dead and is unrecognizable due to heavy burn scars? Now, think about it, is it not a coincidence Sabo met Dragon (not knowing he is Luffy's father!) Oda made sabo meet dragon on purpose to give more meaning to the revolutionaries and a larger bond between a father that just left Luffy as a kid (Dragon) and Luffy. Sabo is connection between them and is neccessary!

Like I said, crazy theory, but what do you all think?"

I personally thought and agreed to do this:


"There are two reasons why I believe Sabo is still alive. The biggest being that if he did indeed die, his character really serves no purpose. There is no reason really to introduce him into the story at that time. Ace has just been killed so Luffy already lost his brother. The emotional impact of that was already felt. To introduce another brother and then kill him off all within a flashback is pointless. It did not add to Luffy's growth in any way.

The second reason is the fact that there is that scene where Dragon comes back to his ship on the evening where Sabo was shot and Dragon has a quick conversation with Ivankov and he mentioned something Dragon is holding and calls for the doctor. I do not know what else that scene could possibly be about if it is not about Dragon saving Sabo.

Of course none of this is proof of anything, but it certainly feels like foreshadowing that Sabo still has a role to play in the series to me."

The truth about the databook that says Sabo is dead is "Databooks aren't very trustworthy and I've heard that that particular statement is supposed to be from Luffy's point of view. So Luffy believes Sabo to be dead.
" This shows that Sabo is dead in the eyes of the writer of the book (Not Oda). The databooks are in Luffy's perspective. This is like in naruto when they say Obito is dead in databook. He is dead in the current period of time in the eyes of a spectator. Just like Obito surviving and having metallic crutches in one chapter with the zetsu. In the above picture, you can see the hat, but with metallic parts like Obito so this can be Sabo recovering.

There is a user called Krasse in another forum about the Oro Jackson in which he states:

"The Green Data Book Was Not Written By Oda
Many people have said that "Oda" has clarified that Sabo died in the green data book, I actually HAVE the green data book.. It's commonly mistaken regarding WHAT such books have.. It is put together based on knowledge FROM the show, and not through a statement from Oda himself.

In volume 68, someone asked Oda a particular question regarding whether Sabo is dead or alive.
And Oda, rather than confirming the scene in the anime/manga when he was shot "Dead", he said, "I'll leave it to the fans to decide whether he is dead or alive."

He could have simply said what the green data book clarified, instead, he danced and took a vague route around the question, if he took the straight route with what was said in the green data book, then it would've been one story, but him dancing around the question automatically hints that he could be DEAD, or he could be ALIVE. it's not 100%, or else he would've just said what was written in the green data book. But, such "DATA" books are DATA, strictly based on the occurrences in the manga, and not to answer theories and speculations.

After talking about strictly facts and Oda quotes and clarifications regarding what people think of Data Books. I will talk about a scene that everyone has watched, and everyone has theorized upon..

Dragon Saves Someone Mysterious
The infamous scene where Dragon is holding someone as he came back to the ship, Iva looked at him angrily because he was late, and then noticed Dragon holding a certain someone, afterwards, you hear the people in the ship rushing, saying "Hey somebody treat these wounds quickly, this is terrible". And when asked by Iva regarding why he was late, he simply answered with a "Sorry" and in the anime also stated "I was watching the ceremony for the World Nobles.

You guys also may find this highly interesting:

In Ace's grave, the three cups of brotherhood (the one Sabo, Luffy, and Ace got drunk out of and built a bond) are shown and left on Ace's grave. Luffy certainly want not there to put it there. There is only 2 possibilities: Garp or Sabo. Garp did not know much about it or its importance. I can see Garp going to see Ace's grave, but Garp was totally against them getting drunk so he would not put this there. Only Sabo who valued these memories but could not make it to the war would want to put these there. Another question is when were these cups even received by Sabo? One possibility is Dadan may have gave the cups of brotherhood to Sabo, but Luffy never came back to hear the news. There is this possibility and Sabo told Dadan not to tell Garp. The other possibility is when Luffy and Ace were injured, and Sabo wrote them a letter he was setting sail, Sabo probably went back to their hang-out and took the cups and left as a souvenir for memories. Ace and Luffy never paid attention to the missing cups as they were mourning Sabo's "death".

Take a look at these pictures:

Sabo, Ace, and Luffy's Cups of Brotherhood as Kids:

 After time-skip Chapter 667 Cover with the cups of brotherhood now on the grave area:

I find this very interesting as to how Luffy will feel when he sees this and be realizing Sabo must still be alive and have a reason for doing all this like to send Luffy a message!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

What are the Devil Fruits and where do they come from?

devil fruit

First the obvious:
The 3 Ancient Weapons (AW) are named after 3 gods, while the Devil Fruits of course are named after a devil.

800 years ago, the 20kingdoms (aka. The World Government) fought against the Ancient Kingdom (AK). I think it’s safe to assume that the Devil Fruits were not created by the WG, because if that were the case, then they would still know how to do it, and could now just create more DFs and simply rule the world. Same argument for the 3 AWs: If the weapons were created by the WG, then they would know where/what/who they are and just take them back or “build” them again (Pluton e.g. can be build multiple times). But they didn’t know of Shirahoshi, and they didn’t know where Pluton is, that’s why they tried to get the Blueprints from Franky instead.

Based on that, I assume that both, the Ancient Weapons and the Devil Fruits, were created by the Ancient Kingdom.

Where do the Devil Fruits come from?

800 years ago, the Ancient Kingdom was the most advanced country in the world, their great knowledge & technologies were considered a threat by the 20 kingdoms. That’s why they started a war against the AK. They summoned a Devil/Demon, a natural disaster brought upon earth by the 20 kingdoms, to attack and crush the ancient kingdom!

The AK however was able to defend itself: It created the 3 Ancient Weapons (Gods) to fight against the Devil. But the Devil & the WG were too powerful, and the AK knew it will eventually lose the war. So before it was too late, it hid the 3 weapons, created the poneglyphs, so that the story survives time, and as its last deed, the AK able to defeated the Devil by dividing its powers into small parts and sealing those small parts into fruits -> The Devil Fruits!

With his last powers available, the Devil cursed those fruits, to make them risky for all terrestrials to use (inability to swim). But nevertheless, the AK was already too weakened to win the war, and the WG emerged victorious.

Until today, the WG has tried to delete all the history of what happened during the war (in the Void Century). Why do they work so hard to keep it a secret? Because they were the "evil" ones who did something terrible, summoning a natural disaster like a Devil and starting a war to take over the world!

Why sealing the powers into fruits?

The Ancient Kingdom needed some kind of medium to seal those powers in, and normal things weren't possible, because the little parts of the Devil need to have some sort of "living" cage. They didn't dare to seal the parts into humans, so they used fruits from a special tree. We already know 2 special trees in One Piece: Adam & Eve. If I remember the religious story correctly, Adam took an apple from the "Tree of the knowledge of good and evil". Transferred to One Piece: Apple = Devil Fruits

Will of D. & Marshall D. Teach

As “creators” of the Devil Fruits, the descendents of the Ancient Kingdom are considered as guardians of the Devil Fruits. The Will of D. is about protecting the powers of the Devil and keeping the world stable. If someone would reunite all fruits and resummon the Devil, the world would end.

Marshall D. Teach, aka Blackbeard, the only D. character who is afraid of death, is on his way to do exactly that by collecting more and more Devil Fruits, and only those with the Will of D. (probably Luffy^^) can stop him.

What about Dr. Vegapunk?

In SVS Vol. 48, Oda said: “For more details (about the Dfs), you'll just have to wait for a certain professor to make his appearance in the story, and explain exactly what the Devil Fruits REALLY are... Eventually."

The genius Dr. Vegapunk found out about the Devil Fruits origin and how to identify the DFs and how to detect their powers. Using this knowledge, he was able to combine things with DFs, and he also tried to create his own DF (which was a failure) and he created the book about Devil Fruits.


Hope you enjoyed reading it and please let me know what you think

source :

Friday, July 19, 2013

#OnePieceQuotess Episode 2

I'm looking for people to join my pirate crew.
I refuse!You want me to be a bad guy?
How annoying...
What's wrong with being a pirate?
Pirate are scum. Who would want to be one?
Does it matter?
You're known as an evil pirate hunter.
I don't care what society says.
I've never regretted doing anything.
I will survive.
and do what I want to do!

I can't stand by and watch these Marines anymore.
I want to b a good Marine!

I've always fought my battle alone,

unlike you... hiding behind your troops and creating chaos!


#OnePieceQuotes Episode 1 #1

Me? I'm Monkey D. Luffy. Nice to meet You!
I'm going to be the Pirate King!
A Pirate King is someone who has everything in this wolrd!
Wealth, fame, and power all united within one person.
Meaning, you are going after "One Piece".
It's not if it's possible or not.
I do it becouse I want to.
I decided to become the Pirate King.
I don't care if I die fighting for it.